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Information Strategy

Information Strategy
... a commonsense approach to help you find relevant, quality information--for writing a paper, preparing a presentation, working on a lab experiment, answering a question, etc.


 ... questions to ask; how appropriate and valuable is the information?  A worksheet to go along with the questions.

Seek information, not affirmation

Source + Motivation = Value

Dig deeper–do not rely on just one source

Primary and Secondary Literature:
Secondary literature looks like this or this ...
Primary literature looks like this, this, or this ... (note the format--IntroductionMethodsResultsDiscussionReferences)

Stay up to date! Stay informed! Restricted Resource
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Research question/understand and define a topic
... what is the question(s) you are trying to answer? These secondary sources can help you --
*understand concepts
*answer fact questions
*discover search terms, phrases, and names
*focus a research question
Remember, true research is rarely a straight path.

Organic Syntheses
Online procedural manual for the synthesis of organic compounds. Provides detailed descriptions of verified practical methods for the preparation of specific compounds, as well as illustrations of important synthetic methods with general utility.
NIST Chemistry WebBook
National Institute of Standards and Technology; thermochemical, ion energetics, spectra, thermophysical, and other data.
AccessScience Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommended
Contains reference material covering all major scientific disciplines with articles drawn from McGraw-Hill encyclopedias, dictionaries, and yearbooks, as well as videos, curriculum materials, and links to primary source documents.
Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
Print Location: Science Reference TP9 .K54 2004 (26 volumes + index)

Print Location: print/online
Read summaries of research in --

Advances in Catalysis
Advances in Inorganic Chemistry
Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry
Methods in Enzymology (online)
Methods in Enzymology (print)
Annual Reviews

Grinnell College Libraries
Search the Library Catalog to find good, readable overviews of topics in books and other publications; look for clues in this information to help you find primary literature. In addition, check the textbooks and reference works available on Reserve and in the Reference area of the Science Library.


... these sources can help you find evidence to answer your question or validate/invalidate an answer.
OKAY: Google Scholar
Use the "Advanced Search"
BETTER: ACS journals search Restricted Resource
The full text of articles from 50+ journals published by the American Chemical Society is available from the very first issues of the journals to the present.
BETTER: Science Primary Literature
Includes articles, book chapters, and images that have been used and cited by multiple Grinnell students and have been highly cited in the scientific literature.

Database help

BEST: Chemical Abstracts Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommended
3-primary Provides the most in-depth coverage available of the scholarly research literature published internationally in all areas of chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering. Accessed through SciFinder.
BEST: WebCSD Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommended
Database of bibliographic, chemical, and crystallographic information for organic molecules and metal-organic compounds, provided by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, the world's repository of small molecule crystal structures.
SciFinder--exporting to RefWorks, Mendeley, and EndNote
Thanks to the University of Michigan ...
ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information Restricted Resource
An established and definitive source within and beyond the chemistry community, educating researchers on how to effectively communicate scientific information.
Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater
Print Location: Science Library Reference QD142 .A5

Ground Water & Drinking Water
United States Environmental Protection Agency


... get that evidence--download it, find it on the shelf, etc.
The full text of journals, magazines, newspapers, and books available online through the Grinnell College Libraries.
Google Scholar
Includes links to resources available through Grinnell College (from computers on campus).
Grinnell College Libraries
Books, media, Web sites, databases, art work, and more.
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