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Article and Journal Databases

Bibliography of Asian Studies Restricted Resource
1971–present. An online index of scholarly literature on all subjects (especially humanities and the social sciences) pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asia.
CiNii: NII Scholarly and Academic Information Portal
Japanese academic portal for information-related fields, connecting to CiNii (citation information by NII), Webcat Plus, KAKEN, and JAIRO (Japanese Institutional Repositories Online).
Education Research Complete Restricted Resource
Covers scholarly research and information relating to all areas of education, from early childhood to higher education in all educational specialties. Includes indexing and abstracts, as well as some full text.
ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) [ProQuest] Restricted Resource
1966–present. Indexes education-related literature, including library science. Covers journal articles, dissertations, government documents, conference proceedings, and much more.
Historical Abstracts Restricted Resource
Covers world history after 1450, excluding the U.S. and Canada. Indexes articles from over 2,000 journals, books, collections, and dissertations.
JSTOR Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommended
Digital repository of complete full-text backfiles of several hundred scholarly journals in the Arts & Sciences, Health & General Sciences, and Ecology & Botany, except for the most recent two to five years.
MLA International Bibliography Restricted Resource
1926–present. Online database indexing scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, and folklore.
PAIS International Restricted Resource
1915–present. Index of scholarly and non-scholarly articles, books, government documents, reports, and more, covering global public policy and social issues, from the Public Affairs Information Service.
Project MUSE Restricted Resource
Access to the full text of approximately 350 scholarly electronic journals in the arts & humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts Restricted Resource
Index of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, public policy, and public administration.

Scholarly Articles

Asian Ethnology Restricted Resource
Asian Ethnology is published by Nanzan University, a private university located in Nagoya, Japan. It seeks to deepen understanding and further the pursuit of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Asia. We wish to facilitate intellectual exchange between Asia and the rest of the world, and particularly welcome submissions from scholars based in Asia. The journal presents formal essays and analyses, research reports, and critical book reviews relating to a wide range of topical categories, including narratives, performances, and other forms of cultural representation; popular religious concepts; vernacular approaches to health and healing; local knowledge; collective memory and uses of the past.
Cinema Journal Restricted Resource
Cinema Journal publishes essays on a wide variety of subjects from (using) diverse methodological perspectives. A "Professional Notes" section informs Society for Cinema and Media Studies members about upcoming events, research opportunities, and the latest published research.
Comparative Education Review Restricted Resource
Comparative Education Review investigates education throughout the world and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it. Founded in 1957 to advance knowledge and teaching in comparative education studies, the Review has since established itself as the most reliable source for the analysis of the place of education in countries other than the United States.
Critical Asian Studies Restricted Resource
Critical Asian Studies (launched in 1968 as the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and other materials that challenge the accepted formulas for understanding the Asia and Pacific regions, the world, and ourselves.
History & Memory Restricted Resource
History & Memory explores the manifold ways in which the past shapes the present and is shaped by present perceptions. The journal focuses on a wide range of questions relating to the formation of historical consciousness and collective memory, the role of historical memory in modern and premodern cultures, and the relationship between historical research and images of the past in different societies and cultures.
Japan Review Restricted Resource
Japan Review is the refereed journal published by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies. Japan Review solicits outstanding manuscripts relating to Japan. It also publishes shorter Research Notes, Review Articles as well as annotated translations of important texts. Submission to Japan Review is open to all those engaged in the study of Japanese culture past and present.
Japanese Language and Literature Restricted Resource
Japanese Language and Literature publishes contributions in the areas of Japanese literary studies, Japanese linguistics, and Japanese language and literature pedagogy, as well as articles from other disciplines that help interpret or define the problems of Japanese literary history, literary or linguistic study, or classroom practice. Occasionally, an issue contains several articles on a single topic and is designated a "special issue."
Journal of Asian Studies Restricted Resource
For over 50 years, The Journal of Asian Studies has been recognized as the most authoritative and prestigious publication in the field of Asian Studies. This quarterly has been published regularly since November 1941, offering Asianists a wealth of information unavailable elsewhere. Each issue contains four to five feature articles on topics involving the history, arts, social sciences, philosophy, and contemporary issues of East, South, and Southeast Asia, as well as a large book review section.
Journal of Japanese Studies Restricted Resource
The Journal of Japanese Studies was established in 1974 as a multidisciplinary forum for communicating new information, new interpretations, and recent research results concerning Japan to the English-reading world. Its founders sought to fill a vital need for better understanding of Japan and its people and thus chose to publish not only in-depth research articles by scholars from around the world (including Japan) but also reviews of current books on Japan and translations of articles of unusual interest from influential molders of public opinion in Japan.

From the outset, the Journal has published broad, exploratory articles suggesting new analyses and interpretations, articles longer than many journals can publish, and substantial reviews and review articles of books published in Western languages and in Japanese. Today the Journal continues to facilitate communication and dialogue about Japan and with Japan. The Journal has long been recognized as a leading journal in the Japan studies field and is considered an invaluable resource by those seeking to understand Japan and the myriad components of Japanese society.

Modern Asian Studies Restricted Resource
Modern Asian Studies promotes original, innovative, and rigorous research on the history, sociology, economics and culture of modern Asia. Covering South Asia, South-East Asia, China, Japan and Korea, the journal is published in six parts each year. It welcomes articles which deploy inter-disciplinary and comparative research methods. Modern Asian Studies specialises in the publication of longer monographic essays based on path-breaking new research; it carries substantial synoptic essays which illuminate the state of the broad field in fresh ways, and also publishes longer review essays that discuss important new books.
Monumenta Nipponica Restricted Resource
Monumenta Nipponica was founded in 1938 by Sophia University, Tokyo, to provide a common platform for scholars throughout the world to present their research on Japanese culture, history, literature, and society. One of the oldest and most highly regarded English-language journals in the Asian studies field, it is known not only for articles of original scholarship and timely book reviews, but also for authoritative translations of a wide range of Japanese historical and literary sources. Previously published four times a year, since 2008 the journal has appeared semiannually, in May and November.
Peace & Change Restricted Resource
Scholarly and interpretive articles related to the achieving of a peaceful, just, and humane society. Topics related to peace and war, social change, justice, nonviolence and conflict resolution.
Science Fiction Studies Restricted Resource
Science Fiction Studies is a refereed scholarly journal devoted to the study of the genre of science fiction, broadly defined. It publishes articles about science fiction and book reviews on science fiction criticism; it does not publish fiction. SFS is widely considered to be the premier academic journal in its field, with strong theoretical, historical, and international coverage.
Social Science Japan Journal Restricted Resource
Social Science Japan Journal is an interdisciplinary journal publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly articles on modern Japan. All social science disciplines (anthropology, economics, history, law, political science, and sociology) are represented, along with studies of Japan's international relations and comparisons with other countries.


Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan's Sex Slaves
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor D810 .C698 Q25x
"Accountability and redress for Imperial Japan's wartime "comfort women" have provoked international debate in the past two decades. Yet there has been a dearth of first-hand accounts available in English from the women abducted and enslaved by the Japanese military in Mainland China -- the major theatre of the Asia-Pacific War. Chinese Comfort Women features the personal stories of the survivors of this devastating system of sexual enslavement. Offering insight into the conditions of these women's lives prior to and after the war, it points to the social, cultural, and political environments that prolonged their suffering." -- Publisher's website
Hump: America's Strategy for Keeping China in World War II
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor D790.2 .P59

Imperial Japan and the World, 1931-1945: Critical Concepts in Asian Studies
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS888.5 .I525 (4 vols.)

Imperial Screen: Japanese Film Culture in the Fifteen Years' War
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PN2924 .H4713

Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS518.1 .I464

Japanese Horror Cinema
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PN1995.9 .H6 J36

Making of the "Rape of Nanking": History and Memory in Japan, China, and the United States
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS796 .N2 Y63
"Drawing on a rich analysis of Chinese, Japanese, and American history textbooks and newspapers, Takashi Yoshida traces the evolving, and often conflicting, understandings of the Nanjing Massacre, revealing how changing social and political environments have influenced the debate. Yoshida suggests that, from the 1970s on, the dispute over Nanjing has become more lively, more globalized, and immeasurably more intense, due in part to Japanese revisionist history and a renewed emphasis on patriotic education in China." --BOOK JACKET
Mountain is Moving: Japanese Women's Lives
Print Location: Burling 2nd Floor HQ1762 .M64
"The Mountain Is Moving describes postwar Japanese society and the roles that women are expected to play within it. Based on interviews with hundreds of women, the book explores the many spheres of women's lives, including education, marriage and child rearing, work outside the house, caring for the elderly, political power or lack of it, and volunteerism." --BOOK JACKET
OSS and Ho Chi Minh: Unexpected Allies in the War Against Japan
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor D810 .S7 B336

Outcry from the Inferno: Atomic Bomb Tanka Anthology
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PL758.875 .H52 O96

Propaganda Performed: Kamishibai in Japan's Fifteen Year War
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PN1979 .K3 O73

Reading a Japanese Film: Cinema in Context
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PN1993.5 .J3 M363

Routledge Handbook of Japanese Culture and Society
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS822.5 .R68

Screening Enlightenment: Hollywood and the Cultural Reconstruction of Defeated Japan
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PN1993.5 .J3 K57
"During the six-and-a-half-year occupation of Japan (1945-1952), U.S. film studios---in close coordination with Douglas MacArthur's Supreme Command for the Allied Powers---launched an ambitious campaign to extend their power and influence in a historically rich but challenging film market. In this far-reaching "enlightenment campaign," Hollywood studios disseminated more than six hundred films to theaters, earned significant profits, and showcased the American way of life as a political, social, and cultural model for the war-shattered Japanese population. In Screening Enlightenment, Hiroshi Kitamura shows how this expansive attempt at cultural globalization helped transform Japan into one of Hollywood's key markets. He also demonstrates the prominent role American cinema played in the "reeducation" and "reorientation" of the Japanese on behalf of the U.S. government."
Thought War: Japanese Imperial Propaganda
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS888.5 .K895

Traditional Monster Imagery in Manga, Anime, and Japanese Cinema
Print Location: Burling 2nd Floor NC1764.5 .J3 P374

War Memory and Social Politics in Japan, 1945-2005
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS889.15 .S4524

War Memory, Nationalism, and Education in Post-War Japan, 1945-2007
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor DS834.96 .N69

When Empire Comes Home: Repatriation and Reintegration in Postwar Japan
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor D809 .J3 W37

White Flash, Black Rain: Women of Japan Relive the Bomb
Print Location: Burling 1st Floor D767.25 .H6 W45

Writing Ground Zero: Japanese Literature and the Atomic Bomb
Print Location: Burling 3rd Floor PL726.82 .H52 T74

Primary Sources

40 Key Questions About Our Foreign Policy: Answered in Important Addresses and Statements Between 1941 and 1952
Print Location: Burling 2nd Floor E744 .H654

Film and Video Collections

Because We Were Beautiful Restricted Resource
"During World War II, a number of women in Japanese-occupied countries were forced to become sexual companions in military barracks and encampments. What they endured was kept secret for decades, even by the victims, out of shame. Today, these so-called comfort women are being sought out and given a chance to tell their stories-perhaps finding a degree of healing while raising awareness of one of the great horrors of warfare. This film represents just such an effort, featuring several Indonesian women who faced systematic rape and humiliation during the Japanese occupation. In their own words, they describe what happened to them and how it shaped their lives afterwards."
Ein No Zero
Print Location: AV Center Reserve
Tells the story of Kyuzo Miyabe, a "Zero" fighter pilot and known coward who died in a Kamikaze mission during the final days of World War II and his presentday grandson, Kentaro Saeki, who tries to understand why he volunteered for such a mission.
Nanking: The 1937 Massacre Restricted Resource
"This award-winning film recounts the 1937 Nanking Massacre committed by the Japanese army in the former capital city of China."

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Citing Sources (from Doing Research)
Collection of links to guides on various citation styles.

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