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Serials Review
The Grinnell College Libraries are committed to working with other libraries to ensure the preservation of the print record of scholarly literature

Among our efforts, we are a member of the Center for Research Libraries  (CRL) which is preserving a print archive of the journal titles found in JSTOR, and we are a member of the Five College Library Depository (headquartered in Amherst, Massachusetts) which is preserving complete print runs of a wide range of scholarly journal titles as well as a collection of scholarly books.  Membership in these organizations helps fund preservation and gives us access to the repositories, as needed.  In addition, we are a founding member of the Central Iowa-Collaborative Collections Initiative (CI-CCI) which is preserving a shared collection of pre-1991 scholarly books among the six participating libraries.

Despite more digital resources, our print library collection continues to grow as well, and there are increasing demands on existing library space—especially in  Burling.  We addressed the lack of space in our off-site storage facility through a Serials Review in 2015 (completed in 2016), and now we need to free up additional space in Burling.

For most of the titles on the attached list, faculty in the relevant department(s) have already agreed to stop receiving the print version of the journal;  most of the journals on the list haven't been received in print since at least 2010 and many of these haven't been received in decades.

In addition, some other titles on the list are now completely covered by online access as a result of Library purchases over the past few years.

For the titles under consideration:

Consulting Librarians have already gone through the list and have removed titles that will be kept in print form in Burling or in the off-site storage facility based on past and current use by faculty and students and on past and current curricular needs.

For many of the titles under consideration:

*A print copy of the journal can be found in either the CRL JSTOR print archive, the Five College Library Depository, or the Linda Hall Library  in Kansas City (CRL has an agreement with the Linda Hall Library to preserve print journals in the sciences, engineering, and technology).
*We have access to the online version of the journal through principally either the publisher, JSTOR, or Project MUSE.

This Review is a continuation of past efforts--beginning in February 2017, we contacted academic  departments to propose withdrawing print copies of some journal titles in various subject areas--mainly the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Almost all of these print copies are currently shelved on the 4th floor of Burling.  Significant runs of print journals in the Sciences were donated/withdrawn as a result of the last Serials Review in 2015.

Please take a look at the list of journals below:

Final combined list (updated February 24, 2017)

The list is --

*arranged alphabetically by journal title
*current print holdings of the journal and current online access to the journal is noted in columns B and C
*the subject area of the journal is noted in column D

Please contact your Consulting Librarian or Kevin Engel if you would like the print copies of a journal to be retained; if so, please also indicate if the print copies could be moved to the off-site storage facility. 

The deadline for feedback is March 17, 2017.

The donation/withdrawal process will begin during Spring Break 2017.  As before, we will offer withdrawn volumes to either the CRL JSTOR print archive or the Five College Library Depository if those facilites need volumes to complete their holdings. 

Questions?  Please contact your Consulting Librarian or Kevin Engel.

Key to Icons

Restricted Resource = Restricted resource
Resource contains images = Images
Resource contains video = Video files
Resource contains audio = Audio files
= Scholarly articles
Resource contains quantitative data = Quantitative data
Resource contains newspapers = Newspapers
Resource is highly recommended = Highly recommended

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