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more information Restricted Resource Making of the Modern World (online)
Offers the full text of thousands of books, serials, pamphlets, essays, and more from major libraries around the world. These resources track the development of the modern, western world (from 1450 onwards) through the lens of trade and wealth. The titles are in English as well as many other languages.
more information Restricted Resource Mass Observation Online
1937–1967. Online archive of primary source material from the Mass Observation project, a pioneering social-research organization in Britain in the mid-20th century. The collection combines scientific observation of human behavior with diaries and personal writings from a panel of volunteers, and includes both published and manuscript materials.
more information Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommendedBEST: MathSciNet
1940–present. Covers the world's mathematical literature. Provides web access to the signed reviews and bibliographic information from Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.
Restricted Resource MathSciNet via EBSCO

more information Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommendedBEST: MEDLINE
1809–present (with greater coverage beginning in the 1940s). One of the premier sources for bibliographic coverage of medicine, medical research, health care, molecular biology, physiological psychology, bioethics, and much more. Accessed through ProQuest.
more information Restricted Resource Middle East and North Africa: Global Perspectives
1958–1994. Translated journals, newspapers, scientific reports, and radio and television broadcasts from 19 countries in North Africa and the Middle East during the Cold War, covering cultural, economic, and political developments within this volatile region.
more information Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers
1902–1972. Open-access collection of 15 newspapers from the Middle East and North Africa, primarily in Arabic with some titles in English and French.
more information Restricted Resource MLA International Bibliography
1926–present. Online database indexing scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, and folklore.
more information Resource contains quantitative dataMonthly Energy Review
PDF version of the Monthly Energy Review published by the U.S. Department of Energy. Contains data on the production, consumption, trade, and prices of various sources of energy. Some time-series data extends back to 1949. Data tables can also be downloaded in Excel format.
more information MUSE in Focus: Confronting Structural Racism
A selection of temporarily free books and articles from a wide range of publishers and perspectives about the history of racism in America, its endurance throughout society, and how the country can respond now to enact meaningful and lasting reform. For real change to occur, it is essential to consult the deep corpus of existing evidence-based scholarship on race, history, and public policy to help chart a path toward an anti-racist future.
more information Restricted Resource MuseumsEtc Collection
A collection of electronic books on museum related topics from Exact Editions
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains audioMusic & Performing Arts
Cross-searchable platform for music databases that includes The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, African American Music Reference, Classical Music Reference, Classical Scores Library, and more. Contains thousands of books, scores, and audio and video recordings.
more information Music Index
1949–1993. Print reference work containing data from more than 655 international music periodicals covering a broad range of subjects, incuding musicological or organological topics plus book reviews, record reviews, first performances, and obituaries.
more information Restricted Resource Music Online: Classical Scores Library
Provides classical scores from both in-copyright and public domain editions, representing both major and lesser-known composers and works. The database includes material from Boosey & Hawkes and selected material from the University Music Editions microfilm series, spanning the period from the Renaissance to the present. Coverage of score types is comprehensive, with full scores, study scores, piano and vocal scores, and piano reductions.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains audioMusic Online: Listening
A comprehensive, high-quality streaming audio collection built to support the teaching and research of music, providing academic libraries with streaming access to over 11 million audio tracks across all the key musical genres. Features a wide range of classical, jazz, contemporary world, American, and international pop recordings, including the complete Smithsonian Folkways catalog.
more information Musical Instrument Collection
Created and maintained by Professor Roger Vetter, this collection features the acoustic instruments commonly used in music-making today throughout the world, as well as earlier forms of many modern instruments and those used in the non-Western world. Entries include a brief essay about the instrument's history, design, contexts of usage, and musician-instrument interface, plus illustrations and audio or video files. Descriptions of the standard ensemble combinations of instruments found in the Western and non-Western traditions are also provided.
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