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more information Restricted Resource OAIster
Contains digital resources from over 1,100 open-archive collections; includes a wide array of materials: digitized books & articles, audio files, data sets, images, movies, research papers, technical reports, theses & dissertations, and more.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains quantitative dataOECD iLibrary
PDF versions of published statistical sources from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Topics include finance, trade, transportation, agriculture, health, education, science, and more. OECD Data can also be accessed through the OECD.Stat database above.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains quantitative dataOECD.Stat
Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Economic, social, demographic, and other data is included. This online database supports browsing, querying, pivoting, and dynamic charting as well as downloading data.
more information Online Books Page
Index of over one million full-text books available on the Internet. Also provides pointers to significant directories and archives of online texts and out-of-copyright materials.
more information Open Library of the Humanities
Publishing platform featuring two dozen open-access peer-reviewed journals in the humanities, supported by an international library consortium.
more information Resource contains images Resource contains video Resource contains audioOpenDOAR: Directory of Open Access Repositories
Searchable directory of academic open-access repositories. Each repository listed has been visited by project staff to check the information that is recorded in the database. Repositories can be searched by name or content or listed alphabetically by region.
more information Restricted Resource Opposing Viewpoints in Context
This database brings together a wide array of informed, differing viewpoints to help students develop their critical-thinking skills. Researchers and debaters will find over 20,000 pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, infographics, and other tools covering contemporary issues in a range of disciplines.
more information Organic Syntheses
Online procedural manual for the synthesis of organic compounds. Provides detailed descriptions of verified practical methods for the preparation of specific compounds, as well as illustrations of important synthetic methods with general utility.
more information Restricted Resource Oxford Art Online
Gateway to art research and access point for full-text Oxford art reference publications, including The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and The Oxford Companion to Western Art. Searchable database also includes specially commissioned articles and bibliographies.
more information Restricted Resource Oxford Bibliographies Online -- Classics
A repository of up-to-date bibliographical articles written and reviewed by top scholars in the field of Classics, including citations, annotations, and commentary on a wide variety of topics. The Oxford Bibliographies database is designed to help researchers cut through academic information overload by providing expert recommendations.
more information Restricted Resource Oxford Classical Dictionary (online)
Written by distinguished scholars from around the world, the Dictionary covers all aspects of the classical world from literature and history to religion, science, and archaeology. It also contains many thematic entries on subjects relevant to the 21st century such as nationalism, race, gender, and ecology.
more information Restricted Resource Oxford Dictionaries - French (Online)
A high quality French-English/English-French online dictionary with audio pronunciations and other interactive features.
more information Restricted Resource Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History
This work examines our shared history "from the bottom up," with entries on numerous topics, including the way automobiles shaped American lives, the westward movement of settlers and farmers in the 18th and 19th centuries, the transformation of work over time, the women's suffrage movement, counterculture, leisure activities, consumption patterns, voting habits, population movements, racial divides, and many more. This resource is intended to help readers develop a richer framework for understanding the social experience of Americans throughout history.
more information Restricted Resource Oxford English Dictionary (Online)
Contains the complete text of the 20-volume Second Edition, first published in 1989, together with its 3-volume Additions Series, published in 1993 (volumes 1 and 2) and 1997 (volume 3).
more information Restricted Resource Oxford Music Online
Gateway to music research and access point for full-text Oxford music reference publications, including Grove Music Online, The Oxford Companion to Music, and The Oxford Dictionary of Music.
more information Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommendedOxford Reference Online
Fully integrated and cross-searchable collection of over 135 academic dictionaries providing short-entry content, as well as many of Oxford’s encyclopedias and companions and other scholarly works.
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