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more information Restricted Resource PAIS International
1915-present. Index of scholarly and non-scholarly articles, books, government documents, reports, and more, covering global public policy and social issues, from the Public Affairs Information Service.
more information Perseus Digital Library
Digital library of resources for the study of the humanities, with particular emphasis on the Greco-Roman world, that seeks to present its material so as to illustrate the connections between disciplines, events, ideas, and concepts.
more information Restricted Resource Philosopher's Index
1940-present. Indexes books and journals in all areas of philosophy, including aesthetics, bioethics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, social & political philosophy, and the philosophy of education, history, language, law, religion, and science.
more information Restricted Resource PILOTS (Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress)
Bibliographic database that indexes literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental-health consequences of traumatic events, covering prevention, assessment, and treatment, as well as professional ethics and public policy.
more information Policy Archive
Digital archive of over 30,000 reports, briefs, white papers, and other documents from think tanks, research centers, government agencies, and foundations.
more information Restricted Resource Polling the Nations
Compiles surveys conducted by hundreds of polling organizations in the United States and more than 80 other countries from 1986 to the present. Each of the records reports a question asked, the percentage of respondents who gave each answer, and some information about the sample and survey methodology. The raw data is NOT available from this source; for some surveys, you may be able to find raw data through ICPSR or another source.
more information Poole's Index to Periodical Literature
Print reference work that indexes dozens of popular and scholarly periodicals of the 19th century.
more information Restricted Resource Popular Magazines (Gale)
Full-text access to the most searched magazines on Gale's InfoTrac platform.
more information Restricted Resource Popular Medicine in America, 1800-1900
This collection showcases the development of 'popular' remedies and treatments in America during the 19th century, through an extensive range of material that was aimed at the general public rather than medical professionals. These popular practices were built upon earlier traditions of folk medicine and help to show the relationships between the old-style apothecaries and the newly emerging scientific methods. Trends such as phrenology, herbal medicine, and hydrotherapy are covered. Explore an array of printed sources, including rare books, pamphlets, trade cards, and visually-rich advertising ephemera.
more information Resource contains imagesPPOC LOC
Database of digital images with catalog records from the Prints & Photographs Division of the Library of Congress, featuring photographs, fine and popular prints and illustrations, posters, and architectural and engineering drawings. The Library of Congress provides public access to these materials to enhance education and scholarship. Thumbnails are provided for images with rights issues.
more information PQDT Open
Provides the full text of open-access dissertations and theses; offered by ProQuest.
more information Restricted Resource Pravda Archive: Global Perspectives
1959-1996. For decades the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Pravda was widely read both within the Soviet states and by foreign diplomats, politicians, and intelligence agencies. Pravda has long been considered a bellwether of Soviet thought. This database includes both the perspective of the Communist Party during the Soviet era and that of Russia’s conservative-nationalist opposition in articles published after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains newspapersPravda Digital Archive
Established in 1912, Pravda is the chief chronicle of Russian and Soviet history, from the beginnings of the Russian Revolution through World War II, the Cold War, the fall of the Soviet Union, and up to the present day. The archive contains PDFs of nearly every year of this primary resource. The full text of all articles can be searched in Cyrillic or Roman characters. Users should make sure they are using the current version of Adobe reader; Mac users should use the Safari browser to access this resource.
more information Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommended Resource contains newspapersPressReader
A comprehensive digital news resource offering over 5,000 newspapers and magazines from around the world. PressReader provides same-day full-content access to periodicals in over 60 languages.
more information Resource contains imagesPrints & Photographs Online Catalog (Library of Congress)
Database of digital images with catalog records from the Prints & Photographs Division of the Library of Congress, featuring photographs, fine and popular prints and illustrations, posters, and architectural and engineering drawings. The Library of Congress provides public access to these materials to enhance education and scholarship. Thumbnails are provided for images with rights issues.
more information Restricted Resource Proceedings First
1993-present. Index of worldwide conference proceedings, covering every published conference, congress, exposition, meeting, symposium, and workshop received by the British Library Document Supply Centre. Records contain a list of the papers presented at each conference.
more information Restricted Resource ProCon
Database providing the pros and cons of controversial issues shaping our society. Entries feature verified background information that delves into the issue, followed by several pro and con arguments with footnotes and sources. Part of Credo Reference.
more information Restricted Resource Project MUSE
Access to the full text of approximately 350 scholarly electronic journals in the arts & humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.
more information Restricted Resource Propaganda and the Chinese Press: Global Perspectives
1946-1996. A collection of thousands of articles distributed by the New China News Agency (Xinhua), the official media outlet of China’s communist party, gathered and translated by a U.S. government agency that was part of a CIA media-monitoring project. The documents offer new insight into China’s perspective on international events and issues, as well as the role of communist mass media in Chinese culture.
more information Restricted Resource ProQuest Congressional
1789-present. Provides access to the CIS Index, a comprehensive index/abstract to Congressional publications, plus the full text of some hearings, reports, and other Congressional documents, including the full text of the Congressional Record. Also contains an extensive collection of Executive Branch documents.
more information Restricted Resource ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection - Historical Archive
1824-2010. Searchable database of U.S. Congressional committee hearings, both published and unpublished, with abstracts, indexing, and full-text PDFs.
more information Restricted Resource ProQuest Databases
A list of databases available to Grinnell College from ProQuest
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains newspapersProQuest Digital Microfilm
2008-present (with a lag of a few months). Digital scans of the Des Moines Register and New York Times. Older editions of these papers are available in other library databases and on tangible microfilm.
more information Restricted Resource ProQuest Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1939
Full-text database containing all U.S. Executive Branch documents listed in the "Checklist of Public Documents, 1789-1909" (and not printed in the U.S. Serial Set), as well as thousands of additional documents from 1910-1939. Indexed by subjects, names, agency report numbers, and SuDocs Classification.
more information Restricted Resource ProQuest Primary Source Collections
Grinnell College has invested in more than 300 multidisciplinary resources from ProQuest. You now have instant access to thousands of primary source documents, including archival collections, government documents, periodicals, newspapers, video, and more.
more information Restricted Resource ProQuest Search
Search all of our ProQuest databases simultaneously.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains quantitative dataProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
Searchable database of tables and spreadsheets that provide a comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.
more information Restricted Resource PsycARTICLES
PsycARTICLES provides full text articles from numerous journals (principally published by the APA) covering general and specialized topics in Psychology and related disciplines.
more information Restricted Resource PsycBOOKS
PsycBOOKS includes the full text of over 1700 books (including newly-published APA books and the complete APA Handbooks in Psychology series), approximately 120 archival resources, and the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology.
more information Restricted Resource PsycINFO
Covers psychology and related disciplines including sociology, education, and sport. Worldwide coverage includes references to over 1,800 journals, dissertations, and book chapters.
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