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more information Restricted Resource The Washington Post
2005–present. Unlimited access to the digital version of Washington, DC’s premiere newspaper via the college’s network. Includes real-time Q&A discussions and live-streaming of news and commentary. (App access not currently available.)
more information Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommendedBEST: WebCSD
Database of bibliographic, chemical, and crystallographic information for organic molecules and metal-organic compounds, provided by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, the world's repository of small molecule crystal structures.
more information Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals
1824–1900. Print reference work providing a bibliography of major periodicals published primarily in Great Britain.
more information Resource contains images Resource contains audioWikimedia Commons
Online repository of image, sound, and video files in the public domain or freely licensed for educational use, maintained by volunteers. Fully searchable.
more information Restricted Resource The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies
This online reference work provides a resource for students and scholars in the overlapping areas of gender, feminist, queer, masculinity, and sexuality studies and acknowledges the growing interdisciplinary impact of these fields. Entries are written for an undergraduate audience and include a short bibliography and a list of cross-references.
more information Resource contains quantitative dataWITS (World Integrated Trade Solution)
Provides access to databases covering imports, exports, and protection data (tariff and non-tariff measures), as well as tools to assess the impact of trade policy scenarios in terms of various economic indicators. Developed by the World Bank in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Trade Center, the United Nations Statistics Division, and the World Trade Organization (WTO), among others.
more information Wolfram MathWorld
Online mathematical encyclopedia published by Wolfram Research for the mathematics and education communities. Includes interactive entries with 3D graphics, full search capabilities, and extensive citations to books and journal articles.
more information Restricted Resource Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600–2000
Database of primary source documents from women's reform organizations such as the Women's Trade Union League, the National Association of Colored Women, Henry Street and Hull House settlements, and the National Women's Party.
more information Women Working, 1800–1930
Online collection of primary source materials focusing on women's role in the United States economy, selected from Harvard University's library and museum holdings. Topics include commerce, costs of living, health and hygiene, home life, recreation, social issues, working conditions, and workplace regulations.
more information Restricted Resource Women's Magazine Archive
Digital collection of leading women's-interest magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, and others, with content from 1886 up to 2005. Issues are scanned in color from cover to cover, including advertisements, and are fully searchable.
more information Restricted Resource Women's Wear Daily Archive
Full-text database archiving the fashion industry's influential publication of record, Women's Wear Daily, featuring day-to-day news items, opinion pieces, runway reports, and beauty product reviews. Covers key moments in the history of the international fashion and beauty industry, including major designers, brands, retailers, and advertisers.
more information Resource contains quantitative dataWorld Bank Open Data
Provides statistics and data for hundreds of economic and social indicators, going back 40 years in some cases, for every country in the world. Includes a catalog of available World Bank datasets of use to policymakers, advocacy groups, journalists, and academics.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains videoWorld Cinema Collection
Streaming video collection featuring the best of silent-era films, masterpieces from the mid-20th century, and contemporary films from around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America. The collection covers the history of cinema while also providing a glimpse into the issues faced by cultures around the globe. Part of Films on Demand.
more information Restricted Resource Resource contains newspapersWorld News Archive
Historical Archives of Newspapers from around the world
more information Restricted Resource World Protest and Reform Movements: Global Perspectives
1945–1996. This collection brings diverse global reactions to major 20th-century social movements together into a single fully searchable resource and offers researchers valuable insight into the protests and reforms that changed the course of world history. The documents, collected and translated by a U.S. government agency that was part of a CIA media-monitoring project, include a mix of government-level analysis, eyewitness accounts, and journalism that offers new insights into protest and reform movements around the world.
more information Restricted Resource World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean
This multidisciplinary database brings together content from scholarly journals, newspapers, and periodicals with interactive multimedia tools relating to Latin America and the Caribbean from the 15th century to the present. From historical perspectives on the colonial period to analysis of current events, researches will find a wide array of integrated primary and secondary sources.
more information The World's Writing Systems
Print reference book that explores in depth how scripts are applied to individual languages. Every major writing system is presented in a passage of text, accompanied by a romanized version, a phonetic transcription, and an English translation. A bibliography concludes each entry.
more information Restricted Resource Resource is highly recommendedBEST: WorldCat
Before 1000 BCE to the present. Catalog of millions of books, web resources, and other materials held in libraries worldwide, maintained by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). The best way to identify resources beyond Grinnell College's collections.
more information Restricted Resource WorldCat Dissertations and Theses
1530s–present. Catalog of all dissertations, theses, and published material based on theses cataloged by OCLC members. Includes over 8 million records on all academic subjects.
more information WorldCat Local
Search engine for books, videos, archival materials, electronic resources, and more owned by Grinnell College and over 72,000 libraries around the world.
more information Restricted Resource Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
Index of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, public policy, and public administration.
more information Writings on British History
1901–1974. Print reference work containing a bibliography of books and articles on the history of Great Britain between the years 400 and 1939. Includes an appendix containing a select list of publications on British history after 1939. Volumes are available upon request.
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